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Chapel History

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"In the early 1900's, the owner of the property where the Bell Tower Chapel exists lived on the lot to the north and learned that someone wanted to build a saloon on the property. He did not want a saloon next to his home, so he donated the land to the Methodist Church. A vernacular style church with references to the gothic revival style was built, and on June 23, 1907, the chapel was dedicated as the Methodist Church of Boring, Or. It was one of two vernacular churches built during the progressive Era (1884-1913) in the Sandy-Boring area. In the 1940's-1950's the church added on a shed roof wing to the north which housed the reception hall and basement.

In early 2000, the Methodist Church abandoned the property where it sat vacant for 4 yrs. The Millers then purchased the chapel, leveled the grounds, adding a new septic system and new roof." The Connolly's purchased the church in 2006 and made renovations for a functional well flowing wedding and events venue.  It is currently owned and operated by Patrick Connolly who lives on a small five acre organic permaculture farm in NW Montana.  His managers are local community members and care for the facility as if their own.  The landscape is managed by Green Thumb Enterprises of Welches.

Owner Info

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My name is Patrick and I live in Montana now on a little 5 acre farm. Carrying on a simple life enjoying the calls from brides, grooms and family's. It’s a perfect life mix, teaching skiing, building an organic permaculture farm and consulting on a real estate deal here and there and talking with couples. I so enjoy being a bright spot in the hectic wedding experience and always look for ways to be cooperative with families, within the chapel rules of course. Well, I might bend them once in a while to make a brides day :).

I fell in love with this chapel in 2006 and felt it to be a very blessed and peaceful place and those walls have shared love in them for over a century! I could feel that peace & love sitting in those old wood pews. Hence the tag line “A place of peace and love”.

I hope for you to bless this chapel with just a little more love and blessings from the Bell Tower Chapel to you the same!

A lifetime of love and happiness to you!