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Chapel Set Up and Operation

Q: How do we set up the reception inside and all the tables after the Ceremony?
A: Here is an idea for an all indoor event.

Set up 3 round tables for staging cloths and center pieces at the front of the reception area with curtains to chapel closed. Leave room to roll out the table and chair carts after the ceremony.
After the ceremony, exit the bride and groom to the bell tower entry and close doors to sign documents and ring bell. Or they can go to the dressing room.
Usher the guests from the back chapel row first to the reception area and open spaces. The ushers slide up to 5 sets of pews to the back wall. Move the remainder against the side wall.
This all should take less than 10 minutes.
The bride and groom can then come back in to the alter/front of the chapel. Usher a receiving line to greet the newly wed couple. While this is going on, the tables and chairs can be set up at the back and open spaces of the chapel and reception area. Move the table and chair carts out the back and store along the building.
This should take 20 minutes or so.
Each event has a different plan and amount of people so make sure your wedding planner attends the free planning hour at the Chapel.

Other options: For larger events plan on renting bistro type tables for standing, visiting and eating.

Q: Are there garbage bags on site or do we have to bring our own?
A: There are garbage bags on site. The cans are lined and we try to put extras in the cans under the liners. Can't hurt to bring some though.

Q: Do you have cleaning supplies in case there is a spill or mess made?
A: We have vacuums, brooms, mops and cleaning supplies in the kitchen closet and cabinets.

Q: Do we have to clean and put the chapel back the way we found it?
A: Just remove excess trash from the building, take down decorations and light broom out. It does not need re-staged exactly how you found it. We will do the detail cleaning and mopping.

Q: Can rental supplies be picked up after the event early the next morning or do they have to be picked up that same night?
A: No, rental supplies can not be left in the building or on the property till the next morning. They have to be picked up the same night during the rental times on the agreement.

Q: Will all eleven round tables fit in the chapel and reception area?
A: We have staged 7 tables in the chapel area with pews moved to the back and side of the chapel with 6 chairs around each. 8 chairs will fit. The 4 remaining tables were staged in the reception side of the building with the banquet tables along the side walls. Photos are on the online slide show.


Q: How do we get power outside?
A: There is a power outlet on the post under the big maple tree. There is another one on the back porch chapel wall left of the door. There is an additional outlet at the front left of the chapel Richey road entry.
Q: Where is the breaker panel in case a breaker is tripped?
A: The breaker panel is at the main front entry to the left under the curtains.

Sound System

Q: What cables are needed to attach and ipod or microphone to the sound system?
A: The sound system accepts an auxiliary RCA male jack. Microphones, ipods and other devices will vary so bring a cable that fits your device and has an RCA male jack to plug into the sound system. The free planning hour is a great time to do the preliminary sound check.
Q: Are microphones included with the chapel rental?
A: The sound system does not have a microphone system. Please bring your own and test it at your planning day. The receiver has a RCA auxiliary input that may work with some microphone systems.

Planning and Rehearsal

Q: What days of the week can we schedule our free planning day?
A: Planning days are Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday 2 or more weeks ahead of the event date.
Q: What days of the week can we schedule our paid rehearsal?
A: The free rehearsal is generally scheduled on Thursday? Depending on the season the rehearsal can be scheduled 2 to 3 weeks prior on the day prior if it is open.
Q: If someone books a wedding on my planning or rehearsal day will I have to change it?
A: Yes, all planning and rehearsal days are subject to weddings and will need to be rescheduled should a wedding be booked on the same date and times.


Q: Where do all the cars park for large weddings up to 150 people?
A: There are approximately 32 spots around the chapel when stacked in. More cars park up the North side of Church rd only.

There is a vacant lot just South of the hardware store a couple blocks North of the Chapel on Richey Rd. There is a church parking lot up Church rd. We have been welcomed to use and the not busy side street just one block North of the Chapel. Guests walk and some parites have arranged courtesy shuttles.